Corporate Governance

StrateVic Finance Group AB (formerly Stockholm IT Ventures AB) is aiming at incorporating the relevant parts of the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance during 2018 following the recent changes to the Board of Directors. The ambition is to be fully compliant with the Code in relation to the publishing of the years-end accounts for 2018 which is in Spring 2019. Good corporate governance is a question of ensuring, that companies are run as efficiently as possible on behalf of their shareholders. The confidence of existing and potential shareholders that such is the case is crucial to their interest in investing in companies, thus securing corporate Sweden’s supply of risk capital.

The aim of the Swedish Corporate Governance Code is to improve confidence in Swedish listed companies by promoting positive development of corporate governance in these companies. The Code acts as a complement to legislation and other regulations by specifying a norm for good corporate governance at a higher level of ambition than the statutory regulation. However, this norm is not mandatory. Companies may deviate from individual rules, providing they report each deviation, describe their own solution and explain why. In this way, the actors in the market can form their own opinions on the solution the company has chosen. Another aim of the Code is to provide an alternative to legislation.

The Swedish Corporate Governance Board feels that self-regulation is often preferable to legislation and sees the Code as the primary instrument for this. The Swedish Corporate Governance code is published by the Swedish Corporate Governance Board. The code is available for download on the Swedish Corporate Governance Boards website

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