Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of StrateVic Finance Group AB (formerly Stockholm IT Ventures AB) comprises of six ordinary members, including the Chairman, and is aligned to match the company’s current business tactics and strategies. The board members are operationally engaged and actively participating in the business.

Roger Tamraz – Chairman of the Board
Mr. Tamraz is a renowned successful investment banker and venture capital investor. He founded Tamoil, an oil company which he built from the acquired assets of Amoco and Texaco. Tamoil has since gone on to become a $20 billion turnover business. During his time in the oil industry, he has been responsible for some of the most innovative pipeline engineering projects, including the Suez-Mediterranean pipeline which was considered one of the world’s greatest engineering feats.

Bert Scheen – CEO
Mr. Scheen is the CEO of StrateVic Finance Group AB and has a Master of Science in Insurance Studies, a Master of Arts in Dutch Language and Literature, a Master Degree in Financial Planning and Wealth Management and a Bachelor Degree in Economics. Mr. Scheen is a seasoned banker with over 20 years of experience in triple A banking and asset management. He has previously been acting as advisor to Stockholm IT Ventures AB as well as most recently as COO of the company. Prior to joining Stockholm IT Ventures AB, Mr. Scheen was heading the EMEA sales division of an international boutique bank.

Michel Fayad – Director
Mr. Fayad holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, a Master of Arts in Diplomacy with specialisation track in Geopolitics, Law and International Economy and the TRIUM Global Excecutive Master of Business Administration. Mr. Fayad has extensive experience and skills in policy, global strategy and business development.

Marc d’Hombre – Director
Mr. d’Hombre is a financial consultant with Satellite Logistics. He has held several senior advisor positions with leading investment firms including Maera-Capital, MBC Consultancy and Atlantic Financial Group. He holds degrees in Economics from the Paris Law and Economics University as well as Mathematics and Philosophy.

Nikolay Paskalev – Director
Mr. Paskalev is a financial advisor with Advoconsult Financial and Advisory Services specializing in debt management, financing and long term investment strategies. He holds a Masters of Business in International Business from the University of National and World Economy.

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