Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of StrateVic Finance Group AB is aligned to match the company’s current business tactics and strategies. The board members are operationally engaged and actively participating in the business.

Bert Scheen – Chairman of the Board
Mr. Scheen is the Chairman of StrateVic Finance Group AB and has a Master of Science in Insurance Studies, a Master of Arts in Dutch Language and Literature, a Master Degree in Financial Planning and Wealth Management and a Bachelor Degree in Economics. Mr. Scheen is a seasoned banker with over 20 years of experience in triple A banking and asset management. He has previously been acting as advisor to StrateVic Finance Group AB as well as most recently as COO of the company. Prior to joining StrateVic Finance Group AB, Mr. Scheen was heading the EMEA sales division of an international boutique bank.

Olav Trent – CEO
Mr. Trent is Norwegian with a strong and solid background in commodity trading and has profound knowledge in terms of Blockchain applications for the trading industry.
He qualified with a Bachelor of Business Administration from the Norwegian Business School (BI) and is currently pursuing his Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Thomas Wong – Director
Mr. Wong is a top certified security expert, certified in most current security standards. He is an ex-Fort Consult white-tie hacker and security specialist, having written top-priority classified reports for Scandinavian Ministries of Finance and other government agencies, lecturing in online security, and having been a reference for the media in relation to web security questions. He is certified in most top-level online security standards, including the latest ISO certification.

Simon Stokvold – Director
Mr. Stokvold achieved a law degree from the prestigious University of Oslo and has been a member of the elite Norwegian military, where he proved his unique discipline to team. His understanding of the law coupled with innovation skills led him to launch several successful companies, both as an entrepreneur and investor. With his knowledge Mr. Stokvold focused on specialized technology-based companies in Norway, Sweden and Singapore. One of his believes is that involvement in blockchain technology is vital to the future of remaining relevant in the technology and finance space and he has devoted the past several years in perfecting its use.

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