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StrateVic Finance Group AB is a Swedish public company listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Deutsche Börse) under the ticker symbol SVAB.

StrateVic specializes in Banking and Trading technologies specifically involving blockchain and bridges the gap that exists in the banking sector relating to the emerging digital asset class and traditional fiat instruments.

By way of its experience in both traditional/legacy banking solutions and now digital assets, StrateVic is well positioned to offer broad solutions for both under one roof.

Why StrateVic?

Why StrateVic Finance Group AB?

The Bridge From Analog to Digital

StrateVic Finance Group AB is your bridge from the legacy banking world to crypto currencies and all forms of digital assets under one roof. We are your one stop shop solution in banking.

AI Based Trading Systems

Our charismatic resident genius, an advanced AI server that operates based on a combination of market making and smaller hedge positions, means real world cash for our clients.

Digital Assets

As the world becomes digitized and tokenized, StrateVic Finance Group AB will be your partner in digital banking whether it be stocks, bonds, trading, crypto currency trading and more.


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The Board of Directors of StrateVic Finance Group AB is aligned to match the company’s current business tactics and strategies. The board members are operationally engaged and actively participating in the business.

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